CAG Officers

President: Rob Savre
VPresident: Janice Holve
Financial: Kimbal Aureguy
Secretary: Kathy Nicholson

CAG Board Members

Past President: David VanderJagt
Librarian: Aletha Biederman-Weins
Publicity: Maryanne Sullivan
Hospitality: Ana Barreto
Monitors: Bridget Moar & Dinah Katague
Historian: Mary Leigh Miller
Newsletter Editor: Ann Henderson
Newsletter Layout Editor: Mary Miller
Membership: Ann Henderson
IT Database Manager: Gary Guglielmino
Arts Ed. Advisory Council: Florence McAuley
Curator: Jackie Gerry
Member Liaison: Lin Marion

Non-Board Positions

Friends of the Arts Liason: Mary Leigh Miller
Scholarships: Betsy Kaye
New Member Liason: Bette Sindinski


Web Site Management: Terry Cullen


About the Clay Arts Guild

Civic Park Studio [corner of Broadway and Civic Drive]
1365 Civic Drive, Walnut Creek, CA  94596.
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At present there are about 125 members in CAG.

CAG members actively work to achieve goals consistent with the original and largely unchanged purpose of Civic Arts Education (CAE):

A new category of Associate Membership allows clay patrons to contribute to ceramics and receive the CAG newsletter for 25$, a fraction of the normal annual dues.

There is also a 'Summer Membership' that runs through the summer of each year, to allow students to take maximum advantage of the Studio when taking summer classes.

Check out our membership page for additional details on joining the Clay Arts Guild.