Walnut Creek Civic Arts And Education 2016 Winter Classes

The Walnut Creek Civic Arts Winter Class Catalog is now available!
Check out introductory ceramics, sculpture, raku, sodium vapor, handbuilding, surface decoration, functional pottery, and more.

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See the 2016 Winter course schedule.

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The Walnut Creek Civic Arts Education Holiday Artists' Market has ended. The CAG Spring Sale will be held April 30-May 1, 2016.

Huge Selection of Garden Art and Beautifully Hand Crafted Pottery!

Select the perfect gift crafted by Clay Arts Guild members and CAE instructors.

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The Clay Arts Guild Sale Instructions


START HERE - Sale Dates July 3-5. This will be a test using Square Register for sales and inventory. New procedures are being implemented. See below.



Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot to email my inventory, how do I do that?

The easiest way is to type your inventory into a Microsoft Word, Word Table, or Excel document and email it to saleinventory at clayartsguild dot com.

The format you use is important!  Code<TAB>Piece Number<TAB>Description <TAB>Price. Here is an example using RGS initials as ID:

This is important. It will be pretty when printed from our database.

Where do I send it?

Email your inventory (as a word or excel document) as early as possible to
saleinventory at clayartsguild dot com.

How do I get the ID code of my choice?

If you have a previously selected ID, CAG will print your labels. Use the printed labels for pricing.

If you have no ID, select a first and second three-letter choice set and email them to Terry Cullen at Terry dot Cullen at clayartsguild dot com.

Most members use their three initials, but the choice is yours. You must check with Terry to make sure your three-letter choice is not already taken.

Can you print an Inventory Sheet for me?

Yes, as long as you send a readable email inventory by Sunday, June 28.

You can receive printed inventory sheets by email and/or at check-in.

How do I send an attachment?

For spreadsheets, the layout is the same as above.

No extra cells between data items, between lines or on left margin. 

Be sure to use the same order:
Code<TAB>Piece Number<TAB>Description<TAB>Price.

What file types will work?

Can the inventories be entered at the CAG web site?

Not at this time. We hope to do so in future.



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