Pottery Workshop on January 26, 2008 - Malcolm Davis
  Malcolm Davis Shino Pottery Workshop

Melcolm Davis Shino PotteryThe Clay Arts Guild is proud to present a workshop hosted by Malcolm Davis, January 26, 2008. Also known as the “Shino Man”, Malcolm Davis brings his artistry and brilliance in shino-type form and glazes. 

Shino ware is a type of 16th century Japanese pottery most identifiable for thick white glazes, red scorch marks, and texture of small holes. Forms are usually squat and cylindrical, thick but lightweight. Dishes, bowls, and tea utensils are most common.  Pieces can be grey, red, or white, painted with iron oxide or decorated with glaze.

Malcolm Davis’ work exemplifies the traditional shino ware and his works are exhibited at numerous shows across the country such as The Smithsonian Craft show, The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, and Red Star Studios in Kansas City. 

His work is included in various collections at the American Crafts Museum, The Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art, and the Bailey Ceramics Collection to name a few.

A full-time potter since 1984, Malcolm Davis left his life as a campus minister and maintains his mountaintop studio in Upshur County, West Virginia.

His work is exclusively in porcelain and his goal is to “make fresh, spirited, and graceful pots for daily use.” He has created a unique shino-type glaze formula which encourages the trapping of carbon in the early stages of firing.

Malcolm Davis Shino Pottery“The characteristics of Shino ware, simple and tough, warped and distorted, make them expressions of delightful spontaneity and lively individuality.” Malcolm Davis adds, “I seek not to imitate the forms nor the processes of their making, but to emulate the vigor and spontaneity in the making of lively utilitarian wares”

Shinos are full of magic and mystery so plan to attend this unique educational and entertaining experience.

Examples of pottery made by Malcolm Davis.


A one day workshop is being offered by Civic Arts Education, January 26, 2008 — Visitors $87.00,  Guild Members $75.00

How to Sign Up?

This workshop is filling up fast! To enroll and guarantee your spot, please call 925-943-5846 or visit www.arts-ed.org/.